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Christiane De Vos

Rue Ernest Solvay,30, 1050 Ixelles
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Hello, my name is Christiane De Vos. I'm a Systemic Psychotherapist with a degree in Occupational Sciences.

I offer 2 fields of activity: Systemic Therapy and Career Reorientation.

Let me tell you... ! Follow me...

Systemics covers the field of relational interactions and generational transmissions, and focuses particularly on the context of life: what is happening at the moment that could be qualified as a relational or personal dysfunction? Consultations are aimed at individuals, couples or families. The first contact enables us to define more precisely the modalities of intervention according to the request.

The genogram tool (a kind of simplified family tree), which symbolizes family ties, can be used to explore present-day dynamics by looking at possible transmissions or events from the past.

This tool is used in individual, family and couple consultations.

Other tools are used to explore one's own or the other's feelings, such as role reversal (speaking in the other's place), sculptures, the coat of arms, etc.

The idea is that, beyond putting things into words, active participation enables us to go deeper into what's at stake.

I receive guests in Waterloo and Ixelles.


"Réorienter ma carrière" (Reorienting my career) - For professional development that listens to you!

Having worked with a number of people, and drawing on my "Labor Sciences" background, I came up with the idea of building a course aimed at people who were no longer finding their feet in their professional lives.

What's going on in this area? What do our discomforts, obstacles and doubts tell us about? Could it have something to do with the activity itself? Is it related to our posture? Are there links to be made with our past, with past choices that no longer resonate with our deepest desires? Do you need to develop your leadership skills? Improve relationships within your team?

How can we untangle all these questions? How can we see things more clearly so that we can realign and reconsider our professional life with fresh eyes, taking into account our experience, our resources and, of course, our environment?

What I propose is a "journey", in a group or on an individual basis, which retraces your entire path and enables you to let your beliefs and obstacles emerge. To become aware of what's at stake.

In 2 we days if you choose a group course. In 2 half-days individually, face-to-face or online, by appointment. A subsequent individual appointment is included in each proposal.

Groups are co-hosted on pre-arranged dates, announced in good time.
Individual sessions take place by appointment in Waterloo, either face-to-face or online via Skype.

Don't hesitate to call me for more details.

Have a nice day.




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